Child Liberation Foundation

A Child is sold every 30 seconds

About the Organization

The Child Liberation Foundation was founded in February 2017 with a passion and commitment to end child trafficking in the United States and around the world. We take a full-circle approach by using 100% of donations raised to fund operations and other organizations involved in this fight.
Our charity is built on 4 pillars:
  • Resist – We provide education and awareness on the detrimental effects of pornography which is the root cause of human trafficking. Resisting this temptation is the first step to ending human trafficking. We partner and fund nonprofit organizations that teach families the signs of grooming and how to spot child sex trafficking.
  • Rescue – We fund rescue efforts to save children in the United States and around the world from slavery and entrapment.
  • Rebuild – We will support organizations that provide aftercare that rebuild confidence, self-worth, emotional stability, and mental wellness for survivors of human trafficking.
  • Restore – We partner with organizations that are committed to providing healthy self-reliance, education, and job skills for restoring survivors’ lives.

There is hope and light when we unite together.

Organization's Mission

Our mission is simple in words but complex in action, and that is to eradicate child sex trafficking.

Our mission is to eradicate child sex trafficking by uniting anti-trafficking efforts around the world.