We help busy professionals invest in hassle-free, cash-flowing real estate in growing markets.


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Dr. Jaime Gonzalez and Dr. Hoa Nguyen are sophisticated, accredited real estate investors that spend most of their time underwriting deals in the multifamily real estate market and meeting with brokers. They own over 5000+ apartment units in their portfolio worth over $430M. They have experience in domestic and international real estate investments. Domestically, Jaime and Hoa concentrate on growing markets such as Texas, Arizona, Florida, Georgia, and the Carolinas to implement their investment strategy. Internationally, they own multiple successful investments in Belize, Nicaragua, and Panama.

Our Business Model


We are a group of real estate experts that help other busy professionals invest in conservative investments such as apartments. Our investments help attain even more passive income for our investors.

1. Target investments that are lower in risk
2. Conservatively underwrite the investment property
3. Target properties that are cash-flowing and have a value-add component to create an upside and a more attractive return to our investors in a market that has proven significant growth
4. Rebrand and improve the interiors and exteriors of the property to make it attractive to sell at a later date
5. Transform the property to become an improved community for families to enjoy
6. Target a 3-6 year hold on the investment property

How does it work?


  1. Our team receives information on a property for sale
  2. We evaluate the financials and underwrite the property
  3. Our team tours the property with listing broker
  4. We make an offer (letter of intent – LOI)
  5. Our offer gets accepted and we get under contract
  6. We perform our due diligence
  7. We close on the property
  8. We raise capital from our passive investors
  9. We stabilize and improve the property
  10. Our passive investors relax and let us do the work
  11. Our passive investors get paid monthly or quarterly and might be eligible for tax advantages due to depreciation
  12. Investors get paid again when we sell the property
  13. Investors can cash-out or reinvest on another deal



We help busy professionals like yourself invest in hassle-free, income-producing real estate that ultimately creates more choices to live life on your own terms!
We select experienced operator partners that invest in select niches that have a history of strong cash flows and are projected to continue to perform well, such as Multi-family Apartments.


If you are interested in joining our investor community, click on the link below to submit your contact details.

They always gave me the impression of an honest and hard-working couple

I’ve known Hoa and Jaime since optometry school and when I heard that they were syndicating apartment investment, it was an easy decision for me. For over 20 years I have known them, they always gave me the impression of an honest and hard-working couple. I’ve had experience with stock and single house investment but an apartment is a far superior Investment in my opinion. With stocks, It’s always up and down, and I never really get any cash returns. With single homes, not only do you have to deal with tenants, but big projects like HVAC replacement wipes away all the returns you have been collecting for years. with apartment investing you collect dividend every month, and knowing that value is rising gives me optimism that I will collect a big sum when they sell the property. To me, the biggest benefit is tax savings. With the K1 that was provided to me by their CPA, I paid much less tax this year compared to previous year due to the depreciation of the properties. If you want truly passive income with tax benefits, multifamily is the way to go!

Sang An

Their heart to give back to charities is what I really admire

I met this beautiful couple sometime last year and fell in love with them. Their heart to give back to charities is what I really admire and their professional approach towards the business community is just par excellence. What really appeals to me is their work ethic, integrity and transparency.

Always smiling and welcoming. They make this world a better place

Craig Shah

Hoa and Jaime went above and beyond to make my husband and I feel comfortable throughout the investment process.

Hoa and Jaime went above and beyond to make my husband and I feel comfortable throughout the investment process. The syndication process was intimidating and Jaime spent over 2 hour explaining step by step. We invested with them and the returns have been phenomenal. Thank you for helping us how to build wealth fast!

Huyen Do

Extremely responsive, and very trustworthy

I found Hoa to be very helpful (she’s always very patient with questions from this retired civil engineer), extremely responsive, and very trustworthy. I know I can count on the information she gives me and as I continue to invest in multi-family deals each year going forward, I will look for opportunities to invest with Hoa Nguyen and Jamie Gonzalez.

Bo Cung


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