About the Organization

Twelve years ago, Glen Mather was asked to go on a wheelchair distribution trip to Mexico City. When he arrived, he was deeply moved by the response and joy of the recipients, and decided that he wanted to find a larger way to help.  Through his company, employees, business associates and friends and family, he planned golf tournaments, dinners, author lectures, and special events like the Hero Games to raise funds.  With the kindness and generosity of others, the tribe of people wanting to help grew; so much so that he created his own charity: Chair the Love.

Chair the Love is a licensed non-profit organization (501c3) focused on providing equipment and services to people with mobility issues assisting them with regaining their independence. We have provided over 4,000 wheelchairs to those in need worldwide, built wheelchair ramps for people, and provided local schools with mobility devices for their clinics. We have worked with other disability-focused organizations in order to improve the life of those with mobility issues locally.