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100% of the proceeds from all of our book sales from “Powerful Immigrant Women Who Inspire Greatness” goes to charity to rescue kids, educate, feed & clothe them, and build churches.


As I’ve traveled to 30+ countries I’m always amazed at the women I meet and to hear their amazing stories from all over the globe. They are truly inspiring. I’ve long wanted to publish a book of immigrant stories to motivate, educate and inspire other young women around the globe. To demonstrate that truly anything is possible. In the summer of 2022 we are launching Powerful Female Immigrants. I’ve wanted to publish a book like this for a long time

  • Be Inspired By Their Stories
  • Learn the Secrets of Their Strength
  • Find Wisdom and Courage to Chart Your Course and Create a New Life
  • Amazing and powerful women from Brazil Iran Vietnam China Brazil Mexico Georgia Lebanon Serbia India Estonia Russia Venezuela Africa and others! Follow these amazing women they are all creating a movement!!

For years I’ve been amazed at immigrants in general and female immigrants in particular. Having traveled to speak in 30 countries I see the passion and the fire in these Powerful Female Immigrants, not just to succeed but to thrive and bring a legacy to future generations.

They are like the women who settled America in the early days as they traveled west in their covered wagons, while the men built saloons and brothels the women started schools and churches. Women, the true nurturers the women of wisdom like Proverbs 31 speaks of who build several businesses for their family to have multiple income streams as they work from home, guide the house and show their children and their entire neighborhood not just with words but by example, how life can be lived honorably and powerfully.

They go about their daily tasks, rising before sunrise, preparing their kids and their family and their businesses for success. Never seeking recognition or applause, their work is done behind the scenes and in the shadows, when no one is watching. But, yes someone is watching. Someone notices, and we want to honor all of the women in this book with their amazing stories. “Their children rise up and call them blessed.” Proverbs 31:28

Women like my mom who threw off the depression of her upbringing and in her twenties finds the truth that set her free and paves the way for generations of Butler’s to find hope and walk in the light. She always held my brother and me and my dad to a higher standard. She put something on the inside of us, that something that made you know when things were not quite right and that you couldn’t sleep until you made them right.

Every one of these Powerful Female Immigrants has a story to share, and it’s not just their story that is so compelling but it’s what they did when faced with insurmountable odds.

Six years ago I learned of a work in the nation of Pakistan that was feeding fifty orphaned children in a safe house. After months of conversations with the team on the ground I decided to make a trip there. When I saw the need and learned the level of care they were providing for these kids not only physically but also mentally and spiritually it made sense for me to start a nonprofit so we could help even more and 1040Impact.org was founded.

Many trips later and taking our board members to see the work firsthand, including two of our authors who led a women’s conference, we’ve been able to expand the work there to rescue dozens of more kids, many who had been trafficked and others who had been orphaned or were working as slaves in the brink kiln factory from ages 4-15.

We are now daily feeding, clothing and educating 338 kids in a safe home environment led by our team on the ground 24/7. Thanks for your generous support and helping us impact so many lives in this way. All the proceeds from this book go to support 1040Impact.org.

Michael D. Butler, CEO
Beyond Publishing
Founder 1040Impact.org

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